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Staff Preview
Summer 2014 Unit Heads

Meet our awesome group of rashei eidot (unit heads) who are heading up our programs this summer!!

Libby Fisher – Kallah
Libby is absolutely and ridiculously excited to be returning to OSRUI as the Rosh Eidah of Kallah! This will be her 12th summer at camp and her 4th summer on staff. Since arriving at camp on her very first day in 2001, Libby suspected that OSRUI would be one of the most important places in her life...and she was right! Since Libby can't be at OSRUI all year long, she attends the University of Illinois, where she studies Religion and Music. Libby will graduate in December 2014, and hopes to attend Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion and become a cantor!

There are too many things Libby loves about camp to list them all, but here are a few of her favorites: Shabbat Shira (song session), Facepaint Friday (a Kallah tradition!), Yom Days (themed days), swimming at the breicha (pool), and much more. The list could go on and on, but by far the best parts about OSRUI are the fabulous staff, faculty, and campers who come together to make each summer better than the last! Here's to Summer 2014 - Libby can't wait!

 Libby will be assisted by S'gan Yonah London.


Max Antman - Kallah/Gesher
Max is thrilled to be returning to OSRUI as the Gesher Rosh Eidah this upcoming summer! This will be Max’s 3rd summer on staff, and his 3rd as a member of the Gesher family. When Max isn’t fantasizing about the Gesher Carnival and fieldtrips (which is the vast majority of the time), he can be found at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is studying Political Science, English and Jewish Studies.

Max can't wait to meet all the new and returning campers.  Max’s favorite things about camp are tubing on the agam (lake), Saturday Night Folk Night, climbing etgar (alpine tower), Shabbat Shira (song session) and everything else imaginable. Summer 2014 is going to be a great one, and in Max’s opinion, Opening Day can’t come fast enough!

Max will be assisted by S'ganit Becky Dolinko. 

Aliza Ainis – Kibbutz HaTzofim

Aliza is so excited to be returning to camp this year as the Rosh Eidah of Kibbutz HaTzofim!  Eleven years ago, Aliza went to camp for the first time. She was amazed by one unit, called Kibbutz HaTzofim! In this magical place, there was a refet (animal farm), a gan (garden), and the most ruach (spirit)! Aliza couldn't believe how amazing this place was. She knew that one day she wanted to become the Rosh Eidah of this unit, and now her dream has come true! Aliza loves sleeping in the ohelim (tents), playing with the goats and sheep in the refet, planting vegetables in the gan, singing silly songs, dressing up for yom days (themed days), and so much more!

When Aliza is not dreaming about camp, she attends Michigan State University (GO STATE) and studies Human Development and Family Studies. When she graduates, she plans to work with at-risk youth in a big city. Aliza loves volunteering, working with kids, and being goofy. Aliza couldn't imagine a better place to spend her summer than Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute! 

Aliza will be assisted by S'gan Brad Sturt. 

Becca Levy - Tiferet
Becca is thrilled to be back at camp this summer as the Rosh Eidah of Tiferet! This will be Becca's 4th summer on staff, and her 9th summer at OSRUI. She spent her years as a camper in almost every unit, but always had a special passion for Tiferet. Becca grew up in Skokie, IL, and is currently a junior at Western Michigan University where she studies Theatrical Stage Management.

Becca can't wait to make this summer unforgettable for each and every Tiferet camper with the help of the extremely talented and artistic Tiferet staff! Her favorite things about camp are Saturday Night Folk Night, Shabbat dinner and shira (song session) with all of camp, playing games in drama studio, kayaking in the agam (lake), and seeing Tiferet campers share their omanut (art) with the rest of camp. Becca is excited to bring Tiferet's passion and creativity to everything that goes on at camp!

Becca will be assisted by S'ganit Hannah Cohen.


Danny Altkorn - Moshavah
Danny can't wait to be back at camp this summer as the Rosh Eidah of Moshavah!  This summer will be Danny’s 13th at OSRUI and his 4th as a member of the Moshavah staff.  He loves playing sports, especially basketball, and being outdoors.  Danny is currently a senior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, studying applied math.  He will graduate in May and will spend the following year teaching English in Israel. 

Danny can’t wait to be back in Mosh this summer!  He has spent most of his time at OSRUI in Moshavah, and there’s no place he’d rather be.  He loves all the Mosh tiyulim (trips) and is eagerly anticipating the chance to go hiking, biking, rock climbing, and canoeing this summer.  He finds them to be some of the most rewarding experiences at camp, where the campers get to challenge themselves while experiencing life in teva (nature) and creating long-lasting relationships.  

Danny will be assisted by S'ganit Becca Helbraun.


Micah Brandhandler - Chalutzim
Micah is thrilled to be coming back to camp this summer as the Rosh Eidah of Chalutzim! This will be his 12th summer at camp and his 7th on staff. Micah was a camper in many of the units at camp, but always felt the most at home in Chalutzim, where he has been on staff for the past five summers as a madrich (counselor), s’gan (assistant unit head) and the rosh eidah.

Micah is currently student teaching at a Jr. High School and a High School in the Chicago suburbs for music, and he plans to teach high school choir one day. He is also a URJ Camp Service Corps Fellow at Lakeside Congregation, where he creates camp programming and promotes camp year-round. In his free time, Micah likes to play ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and sing. Micah can’t wait for all of the campers to arrive and to start speaking rak Ivrit (only Hebrew) for the whole summer!

Micah will be assisted by S'gan Jake Beckert. 

Beth Schuck - Avodah
Beth is so excited to be returning to camp as Rosh Eidah of Avodah for the summer of 2014! OSRUI is one of Beth’s favorite places to be and she has been attending OSRUI since she was in fourth grade. This will be Beth’s 12th summer at OSRUI and her 5th summer on staff. She has been in many different units at OSRUI, but being a part of Avodah corps was one of her favorite summers! Beth is thrilled to be the Rosh Eidah of such an awesome unit! 

Beth will graduate this May from the University of Illinois in Urbana- Champaign with her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Her plan for next year is to obtain her Masters Degree in Social Work at a school in the Chicago land area (still to be decided).  Throughout her time at U of I, Beth was on the board of the Hillel organization, Challah for Hunger, and for her sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Beth is very excited to be able to be back this summer at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute, her second home!

Rachel Marks - Machon
Rachel is thrilled to be back at camp this summer as Rosh Eidah of Machon!  Rachel Kaplan Marks grew up in Buffalo Grove, IL, and attended OSRUI as a chanicha (camper) in Kibbutz HaTzofim, Moshavat HaTeva, and Chalutzim; as a madricha (counselor) in Kibbutz HaTzofim; and as a rosh eidah (unit head) in Kallah, Kibbutz HaTzofim, and for the Machon program.  Rachel is studying to become a rabbi, and expects to be ordained in May of 2015 from the Los Angeles campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, where she also earned her master’s degrees in Jewish Education and Hebrew Letters.  To this day, Rachel feels like OSRUI is her home.  It is at camp that Rachel discovered her passion for the Jewish People, Jewish State, and for Torah – Jewish learning.  It is at camp where Rachel first connected with God, and where she made many of her lifelong friends.  Given that this is Rachel’s last “summer off”, as a student, she and her husband Albert couldn’t think of a better place to spend it!  She cannot wait to help shape the next generation of OSRUI tzevet (staff)!

Welcome to Our Israeli Staff

We have a fabulous group of Israelis who will be joining us on staff this summer!


Check Out Who's on Staff This Summer!

Kallah/Gesher - Ron Adam, Rachel Brustein, Maddy Chinn, Jodie Friedman, Danna Herbach, Hannah Klegon, Kayley Levine, Zoe McCoon, Tara Nykiel, Rachel Shaykin, Ronen Vahav, Rotem Yerushalami, Ben Weiss, Gavi Winer 

Kibbutz HaTzofim
- Jesse Altman, Sarah Altshuler, Michal Bechar, Stephanie Eisenberg, Dan Fox, Rachel Goldberg, Amanda Gorell, Rebecca Gratch, Ari Lieberman, Amit Malek, Bennett Nidenberg, Elana Rabishaw, Emily Rothstein, Eli Schuck, Julie Shapiro, Dylan Singer, Anya Vlasoff, Rina Yarosh, Itai Zalman

- Hannah Bender, Annie Fortnow, Jon Gordon, Emily Greenberg, Jami Kahn, Evan Richter, Claire Taigman

Moshavah - Adi Bartov, Claire Dodinval, Rebecca Heisler, Korri Hershenhouse, Talia Jacobson, Daniel Kolsky, Rachel Kucharz, Lior Levy, Peter Luck, Mark Shapiro, Jeremy Solomon, Hallie Turnbull 

Chalutzim - Zemer Barnea, Rotem Dimri, Rafi Ellenson, Mark Hafter, Shir Hiltch, Hadar Kohen, Novar Privman, Michal Rotem, Maayan Sharon, Yiftach Shavit, Hadar Twito, Hila Zrihen

Tour La'Agam - Scott Goode (Rosh Eidah), Rebecca Denelsky, Adam Kazilsky, Lizzy Scheinkopf

Administrator - Ashley Barrett
Administrative Staff -
Aquatics Director - Christina Rouse
Aquatics Staff - Carly Budzinski, Esther Fishbein, Hannah Gellman, Cale Geschke, Joseph Harvat, Nizan  Hellman, Anja Holtz, Kaitlin Kapitan, Matthew Kirchner, Michael Kirchner Caitlin Martin, Sandra Medrano, Stephanie Miller, Samantha Mortensen, Andrew Niemiec, Rick Pease, Dalton Rouse, Sara Smith, Emma Taschwer, Teresa Turco
Art Specialist - Ohad Sha'altiel
Asst. Art Specialist - Hannah Altshuler, Cameron Barker
Camp Photographer - Cara Slotkin
Canteen - Hahna Curtin
Chaverim Director - Marissa Steinhofer
Dance Director - Margalit Sha'altiel
Dance Staff - Adar Lavi
Digital Arts Director - Michael Greenstone
Digital Arts Specialist - Ariel Ben-Dor, Brian Erlich
Drama Director - Michael Goldberg
Drama Asst. - Julianne Schwartz
Drivers - Tom Frankiewicz, Gary Garrison
Etgar Director - Sari Kreines
Etgar Staff - Anna Cohen, Ariel Kolver, Carrie Wolf 
Gear and Trip Packing Specialist - Jesse Illian
Head Nurse - Paula Kaye
Health Center - Amy Dolgin, Diane Firestone, Rachel Rose, Eileen Sage, Melanie Zimmerman
Hebrew Director - Rachel Garber
Hebrew Center Staff -Boaz Druyan, Kendra Gerstein 
Horseback Riding Director -
Horseback Riding Staff - Regina Azaryev, Talia Dorvat, Zipporah Goldenfeld, Ari Schlossberg
Inclusion Coordinator - Debra Kahn
Inclusion Intern - Ben Goldberg
Inclusion Staff/Social Worker - Annie Azriel
Israel Specialist - Itai Shabtai (Rosh Mishlachat)
Music Specialist - Aviv Kammay
Asst. Music Specialist - Danny Lebowitz
Program Coordinator - Ben Schillmoeller
Programming Specialist - Albert Marks
Photography Specialist - Zohar Shemer
Security Staff - Mike Teofilo, JoAnn Graewin, Patrick Middleton, Carolyn Wantuch
Sports Director - Jeff Gates
Sports Staff - Ori Arochas, Nicole Barrett
Teva - Emma Kaplan, Arielle Solomon

Jake Altman, Joshua Altshuler, Daniel Antman, Joey Barr, Lily Booker, Stephanie Cohn, Ethan Ehrlich, Sydney Fine, Madison Friedman, Isaac Gamoran, Alex Gordon, Gabriel Jacobson, Aaron Josephs, Michelle Kofman, Devin Lanin, Carrie Mackevich, Abagail Manaster, Isaac Marshall, Rachel Mintz, Hannah Moser, Belinda Oberman, Gabe Pearlman, Amanda Price, Emmett Price, Marissa Price, William Rivlin, Hannah Rosenfeld, Moshe Rubin, Rachel Saywitz, Raya Seidman, Vered Serotta, Jessica Siegel, Sara Splansky, Hannah Stein, Steven Steiner, Stephanie Strifert, Danielle Wright

Aleph: Solli Algozino, Shira Brandhandler, David Chasanov, Emily Dana, Madeline Frischer, Maxwell Gendler, Sarah Heinz, Alyssa Horwitz, Shoshana Kaplan, Ciara Kriegler, Emily Magid, Rebecca Major, Michelle Margolies, Asher Margulies, Abigail Miller, Emily Nistad, Jamie Posnansky, Jacob Rabishaw, Noah Segal, Jenna Solomon, Sebastian Torero, Yael Uziel, Alexander Wasserman

Bet: Eli Friedmann, Mabel Frank, Arielle Gershon, Andrew Gertz, Jami Goldberg, Ari Goldstein, Jonah Helbraun, Jordyn Imana, Mitchell Israel, Claire Krelitz, Eliana Kohn, Alek Kopulsky, Taylin Leibowitz, Jacob Letwat, Samantha Levy, Rebecca Lubar, Jonathan Mishory, Ross Schneider, Leah Sherin, Sophie Smith, Noa Solomon, Eiden Spilker, Michelle Weil, Joshua Weisenfeld, Halli Zacher

Names go up as soon as we receive your signed contract!


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